New Seeds Arrived

The order arrived from Trade Winds ahead of schedule so with much delight I decided to shuffle around the box and attempt to germinate a new era of plants.

Pictured below left to right are :

  • NYC Tomatoes
  • Purple Pitcher Plant
  • Carolina Reaper Pepper
  • Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) Pepper
  • Trinidad Scorpion Pepper

I sowed three seeds per cup and covered with clear cellophane.

Soil terperature is sitting around 29 degrees with the heat mat so I’m crossing my fingers for a quick germination period. You may also notice I’ve finally fixed the temperature and humidity sensors to the sides, this was really bugging me.

In spite of all this progress the one fact that satisfies most is that I ran out of green solo cups as soon as I was to sow the superhots - my OCD thanked me a thousand times (it wasn’t planned).