Basic Web Interface and Completed Relay Controller

After building the four module relay to control mains electricity I put together a basic web interface to toggle all six relays.

Source code is available here.

Here’s a photo of the current state of the development board.

What’s left to do?

  • Re-solder the temperature and UV sensors male jumper straps - connect once again to the Pi.
  • Mylar tape the sensors into place, patch a hole in the back left corner.
  • Configure i2c Chirp soil humidity sensor (once it arrives from Lithuania)
  • Mount the water pump along the back wall.
  • Find some kind of plastic sump / reservoir that wont be affected by light nor contaminate the water.
  • Position the watering nozzle so it doesn’t spray everywhere and possibly electrocute someone or flood my place.
  • Fix the controller board along the back of the unit so it’s out of sight.