A Little Programming

My most excellent friends over at Workhaus needed some help with their network tonight after a long day of AWS at work. I popped by hoping it would be a quick fix so I could Uber right home and drill some holes before it got too late (I’ve other neighbours attached to my dwelling).

… It got too late, not to mention stressful - So I visited a local pub for a beer and decided since I’m doing less than nothing I should probably put together the boilerplate API and worker code.

Requirements :

  • Realtime functionality
  • Maintainable and simple
  • Relaible, tested and ubiquitous
  • Extensible and open
  • Light enough to run on a Pi, powerful enough to grow peppers :)

Thus, I went with (what I know) the following :

Django channels is the coolest thing to happen to Django since Django REST Framework. With channels I’ll be able to push notifications from sensors to the DB reliably supporting two-way data-binding - this means whether the app lives on the Pi or in the cloud I can view my metrics knowing they are safely stored on disk.

The boilerplate code is available (pardon the empty readme) here

I will update (with pics) when the fans arrive and are installed, hopefully tomorrow!